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Written by Maurice Nataf

SMS Low Cost [EN]

Frequently asked questions about SMS Low cost for Metropolitan France

The SMS Low Cost, is an SMS intended for promotional or marketing mailings to Metropolitan France only. It makes it possible to make mass campaigns thanks to its low cost.

How many characters for a Low Cost SMS?

An SMS has 160 characters. However, you will be able to run campaigns of up to 1224 characters (long SMS) and will be billed in increments like these:

  • 0 - 160 characters: 1 SMS
  • 161 - 306 characters: 2 SMS
  • 307 - 459 characters: 3 SMS
  • 460 - 612 characters: 4 SMS
  • 613 - 764 characters: 5 SMS
  • 765 - 918 characters: 6 SMS
  • 919 - 1072 characters: 7 SMS
  • 1073 - 1224 characters: 8 SMS

What will be the sender of the SMS messages sent in a Low Cost SMS campaign?

The campaigns in SMS Low Cost will be sent with a 10-digit French cell phone number, random, and not customizable.

Is it possible to customize the sender of Low Cost SMS?

No. The sender will be a random 10-digit French mobile phone number.

To which destinations can Low Cost SMS be sent?

Low Cost SMS are intended for sending in Metropolitan France only.

Can we collect responses to Low cost SMS messages?

No, this feature is only available for Premium SMS.

Where to consult the price list of the SMS Low Cost packs?

Consult our price list by clicking here.

Can I convert Low Cost SMS to Premium SMS or World SMS?

The purchased SMS are valid for any type of SMS campaigns, you just have to choose the type of sending when setting up each campaign. You can check your balance of SMS Low Cost, Premium and World in your customer area.

What is the validity period of a Low Cost SMS pack?

SMS messages are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. This period of validity is renewed with each new sending and/or each new purchase.